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I've worked as an art director designing marketing materials, commercial art and front-end websites for most of my career, which has really helped push my creativity and has taught me much about design elements, color values and multiple perspectives; there are so many ways to interpret the world around us. I've had many opportunities to work one on one with clients, understanding their needs and making their visions become a reality.

I grew up always loving art, painting especially. I thank my grandfather for letting me watch him paint when I know I must have been quite a bother at such a young age. He was the most patient person I've ever known to date.

I didn't begin painting seriously until after my 5 children were grown enough to be somewhat self sufficient, prior to that I would do my best when time permitted.

I still don't have a preferred medium or a preferred subject matter. I like sitting peacefully while waiting for inspiration to hit, it's the surprise that comes from this approach that keeps the process enjoyable for me. I'm quite drawn to nature and portraiture but will often try new things out just to step outside of my comfort zone, challenging myself as often as I can.

I'm self taught, having studied techniques online, in art books, observing other artists as well as the many hours I put into practicing. Art is a never ending learning process and a journey in which I hope to travel for a long time to come. I invite you to be part of my journey by enjoying my work by viewing it online, buying it or becoming part of the process by ordering a commission.

~Giselle Morine

Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada

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