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Do you have a question that hasn't been answered here? Ask me and I'll see about adding it to the list.

Do you take commissions?

I enjoy taking commissions. Working with people in realizing their visions is very rewarding and keeps me on my toes. I do paint portraits (people, animals/pets/wildlife, nudes etc), landscapes/seascapes of your favorite locations, architecture (your home, office, favorite building, structures etc), flora (your garden, favorite potted plant etc), fantasy of all types and anything you don't see mentioned here can be discussed as I love challenges; don't be shy ;)

Do you refuse any subject matter?

I have not yet come accross any subject matter that I wouldn't paint and if I did feel uncomfortable with a certain subject matter I would let you know right away with zero judgment on my part. I don't have a problem with nudity, blood/gore or some violence.

How does the process begin?

You will have to email me explaining your concept. We can talk on the phone as well but email me first for the number, reason being the last time I posted our number the phone rang all day long with marketers. I work mostly from reference photos so it would be very helpful to send me any images you may have that you think would be useful to the composition. Tell me how you want the mood of the painting to be, if you have specific colors you want to have dominate the piece and anything you think may help me produce the work you envision.

I would prefer the highest quality photo references you can provide, as I do my best with realism. Please let me know as well if you would rather less realism and maybe provide examples of the style you are looking for and the medium you would like it painted in: oil, acrylics or watercolor.

The purpose of the email is to open a discussion relating to our expectations and hopefully agree to move forward with a commissioned artwork. Once we agree on a general size and theme, we can begin to outline the price and a timeframe for work to be completed.

I will consider going abroad for a sitting as long as my expences are all paid and taken care of ahead of time. We can discuss this further if this would be your preference.

What happens after I have emailed you my ideas?

I will make sure that I am comfortable with your request and will let you know promptly whether I will take the commission or not. I will let you know how long I feel the project will take and the method I will take to ship the painting to you upon completion(depending on your location and size of the painting). Once you agree to proceed I will send you a Paypal link for 50% of the commission cost upfront, non-refundable. If you back out of the commission, you need to understand and agree to the fact that the advance pays for my invested time, labor, and art materials. Once you have paid it, I will begin work on the commission. The other 50% will be due when the painting is all done and approved by you; I will send you photos through email for your approval.

Will I get any updates?

I will provide you with no less than 3 updates during the progress of your commission. I will begin with the first draft sketches and the actual amount of updates will depend greatly on the complexity of the project. I guarantee three updates and work stops at each update until you reply with the go ahead to continue. So if you take a month to reply to an update, that's a whole month I did not spend on your commission. Your reply will have to be consise whether you want any changes made or not, otherwise we will be playing email tag until I am certain of what you want done.

Do you accept installments?

I will consider taking installments for orders above $300 but they too are non-refundable unless for some reason I cannot complete your commission. So for example you would like to make installements on a $400 commission; first thing I need is half the commission fee which is $200. If you make installements on the first $200, I will not begin painting until I recieve it in full. After that it is up to you when you can produce the rest of the installements because I will not be shipping the final product until I recieve the full last $200.

All other expenses incurred by me, the artist, for example: framing, crating, and shipping, shall be covered by you, the client. Such expenses will be estimated by me and calculated before the first payment is due.

As a side note, if for some reason you abandon the commission and do not get back to me within 3 months of our last correspondence I reserve the right to sell the painting or show it in galleries etc.

What are your prices?

The time it takes to complete a composition varies depending on the size, medium and complexity of the design. You can see the range of prices by comparing the original paintings on this website or browse the paintings on display to look for the kind of image you would like to commission. In general right now I follow a basic formula for pricing; oil paintings are $3.75 per square inch, acrylics are $3.50 per square inch, watercolors are $3.25 per square inch and pastels are $3 per square inch. I do however charge a little less when the painting is very large and a little more for miniatures. There's a lot of fine detail work invested in the smaller paintings so I do need to compensate myself for that. I adjust and round off as I see fit, especially where a painting has a lot more detail or complexity involved (or vice versa) than my usual work portrays.

The final selling price may be increased for rush deliveries or for last minute changes outside of the three guaranteed updates. These types of increases would be billed by the hour at $25/hour.

My prices may go up in the future as they have in the past due to more experience, shows and gallery mark ups etc. Artists' work will increase in value as the artist increases in popularity and demand. When this happens I will make the appropriate changes to my website so there won't be a sudden jump in price for you as the client. I also mark down my older paintings that are for sale according to dates painted and difficulty levels.

I do accept PayPal, e-transfers, money orders and personal checks. Work will only begin once the check/funds clears the bank and the same for final payments, no shipping until all payments have been cleared.

Can you still sell prints of my commission?

Unless a separate agreement is entered into all rights of reproduction and all copyrights in the work, the preliminary design and any incidental works made during the creation of the work are reserved by me, the artist.

How do I care for my newly acquired artwork?

Watercolor originals should be framed and behind glass. The option of UV-protected glass may be something to ask your framer. Keeping the glass and the frame dusted is always a good idea.

Acrylic paintings with their non-porous surface do not need to have glass, and oils should not be behind glass as they have to breathe. Lightly dusting the surface is OK and does prevent build-up.

All art should be kept out of direct sunlight, and in a room where the humidity levels do not get very high. Fluctuations in temperatures should be kept to a minimum. In addition, extremely low temperatures will crack acrylic paintings, so winter shipping should be done with care.

Will my commission be framed?

Not unless specifically asked for. Framing is a crucial aspect of a painting’s longevity. There are many excellent framers, finding one to frame your artwork and building a relationship with them will serve you best. The framer will know your preferences and will devote more time and energy to you if you are a regular and loyal customer. Asking friends for the names of the framers they use may help you get increased service if you don’t already have a relationship built with a framing store.

Your choices in framing are numerous: single, double, or triple matting; mats hand painted to extend the art image; glass choices including clear, UV, non-glare; wood or metal frames with almost unlimited choices in color and design.

Double or triple mats although they add to the cost, seem to bring out the painting and add to the illusion of depth. In addition, I also believe the frame and matting should compliment the image rather than solely the room in which it is to be placed. Framing the artwork the way you want at the outset (even if it costs a little more) may make the difference in how long you enjoy the piece and mean you don’t have to reframe it at a later date.

Do you paint murals?

I do paint murals but I would require all my traveling expenses, lodging and half the commission fee paid for in advance which are non-refundable. Contact me for inquiries regarding murals.

What happens when you are finally done the painting?

Once you have approved the painting and it is all dry and ready to be shipped I will send you the final paypal link which includes the last 50% of the commission price; shipping costs would have already been included in the price unless changes were made and approved by you mid commission. Once you've paid the final payment I will carefully package and ship the painting to the address you've provided. I always insure the paintings and use the best available shipping at that time. It is for you to contact me right away if the painting was damaged during shipping. I take photos of the painting before packing and of the package before it goes to the post office. You should provide photos of the package as it looked upon arrival, before you open it and after if you actually did open it.

I will refund 50% of the commission price minus shipping costs if you are not satisfied within 7 business days of receiving it.

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