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Helping an artist make instructional materials and more art.

Donations would help me upgrade my studio so that I may provide you with much higher quality videos and learning materials. My aim is to make instructional painting videos, E-Painting Patterns and instructional painting books; both e-books and physical books. I want to make more time lapse videos with voice overs and have real-time videos with real-time explanations of the process.

To do this I am in dire need of a better studio setup all around. My very first order of business is to acquire better lighting and then a better video camera. From there I need to make upgrades to my computer and editing software. Throughout all this I also need more painting materials such as paint and canvas.

I would also consider a barter; a custom painting or one from the gallery in exchange for equipment and or materials of equal value.

Every contribution makes a difference no matter what the amount. With every dollar, tube of paint or canvas you donate, you are not only demonstrating your support but are directly supporting arts education. The more you give, the more I can give back. Your contributions directly affect my ability to later on leverage additional funding that supports arts education, activities, events and services.

My sincere thank you,

Giselle Morine

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